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Electrical Lighting Safety Tips To Keep You Safe This Holiday Season

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Top 5 Tips To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

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3 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your HVAC System This Fall and Winter

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The Renaissance Academy Prep School for Boys

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OnTime and Good Shepherd Build Home for Orphans in Guatemala

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Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama

Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

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Get Air Conditioning for Summer

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Plumbing FAQ | Common Plumbing Questions and Answers

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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Party Prep: How to Protect Your Home from Guests

Sump Pump Benefits | Introduction to Sump Pumps

How to Change Thermostat Batteries

Winter Electrical Problems & How to Avoid Them

8 Housekeeping & Maintenance Tips

When It Goes Dark: How To Prepare for Power Outages

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Furnace Repair

Insulation of Electrical Outlets & Boxes

Christmas Lighting and Ladder Safety

Checklist – Prepare Your Home for Vacation

How to Tell If You Need a New Furnace

Why You Need a Fall Furnace Tune-Up Now

Electrical Hauntings – Flickering Lights Power Outages

Zoning In On Zoned Heating and Cooling

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama

The Village

Big Oak Ranch

children’s village christmas lights

The Youngest “Old Man” in the World!

Jimmie Hale Mission & Jessie’s Place

zoo boo

children’s harbor

King’s Home Serve Day July 2014

Recall! – APC SurgeArrest

Electric Shock Drownings

Smoke Detectors may NOT go off in Time!!!

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI’s)

Know the Dangers in Your Older Home

Extension Cords

Top 5 Hidden Hazards in the Home!

Ladders & Electricity Dont Mix!

Smoke Detectors Can Save Your Life

Portable Electric Heaters

Hoover Chamber Trustee Announcement

Restoring Power- April 27th Tornados

Fox 6- Lightning Strikes

Our Favorite Little Electrician

I Love America Day

Kulture City

Vestavia Hills Chamber Ribbon Cutting

All Moved In!

The Faces of OnTime Electric

A21 Campaign

Building Update!

The Walk 153 Story

The King’s Home

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama (ACA)

We Support Samford University!

We’re Moving!

Congratulations to our OnTime Members

Morgan’s Blood Drive & Ride

The Clay House Children’s Center

Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Hoover Day

Business Break -David Crouch

News Release ESI Expo

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